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Faithful Politics was born out of the premise that there are people out there who actually enjoy discussing issues around Faith and Politics. However, if you turn on any news channel, you would think the only way to carry on a conversation around these two topics is through the lens of partisanship and vitriol. Well, the hosts at Faithful Politics want to challenge that notion by proving that it is much more rewarding to discuss topics in an effort to understand each other, rather than just score points. 


Josh Burtram (Faithful Host), a full-time minister and Lead Pastor for River City Church in Richmond, Virginia, and Will Wright (Politics Host) a lifelong student of politics will explore the most interesting topics of the week surrounding faith and politics. 

We will talk to interesting guests and experts,  in order to gain a better understanding of the world we live in. We hope you'll join us as we explore this amazing and fascinating world of Faith and Politics. 





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UP. Faithful Politics is not an exclusively religious podcast. But we believe that faith can play an important role in guiding our conversations with others and help inform our decisions on matters that affect our lives and the world. 

Faithful Politics Team


Pastor Josh Burtram

Faithful Host. Lead Pastor of Short Pump Community Church

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Will Wright, MS

Political Host. Lover of Tacos with a disproportionate amount of Tapatio

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Kevin Burtram

Faithful Politics Sound Engineer. Artist/Music Producer at Summer Starved

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