This is for you if:

  • You've lost a relationship because of a political disagreement

  • You find the binary choices our political system offers confining and hopeless

  • You're hungry to find a faithful way to engage in political conflicts.

  • You want to live into your Christian role as a reconciler but aren't sure how

  • You long to activate and deepen your faith in our polarized environment. 

Image by Hanny Naibaho


  • Gain conflict engagement skills that translate into any context

  • Learn practices for engaging in political disagreements

  • Understand the loves and fears behind our political positions

  • Stay in community and communion with those you love without avoiding political discussions. 

Support Group

Session Topics

In 10 weekly sessions, we will cover:

SESSION 1: Political Conflict “Gun Control”

SESSION 2: Political Engagement “Healthcare”

SESSION 3: Anger “Immigration”

SESSION 4: Forming Political Views

SESSION 5: Telling the Truth “School Vouchers”

SESSION 6: Us and Them “Stereotypes”

SESSION 7: Political Enemies “Battle Between Good and Evil”

SESSION 8: Republicans & Democrats “Police Violence”

SESSION 9: Considering Options “Decriminalizing Marijuana”

SESSION 10: After a Decision “Voting”


POLITICAL B.S. (Bible Study)

Our curriculum is based off of the 'Political Talk' training offered by the Colossian Forum.

Disclaimer: Short Pump Community Church (SPCC) will be hosting and sponsoring this event. There may be views, conversations, curriculum, or opinions expressed in the training that will not reflect the views of SPCC. Specifically, any views that are in conflict with, and are not in accordance with the bylaws of the church should not be construed as a position the church supports.