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Apr 02, 2022
In Faith AND Politics
Reward and punish brands that do Consumer Email List not align with their values. Regarding these values, they consider human rights, environmental Consumer Email List problems and poverty to be especially important, although where they demand greater action from companies, it is especially in sustainability. After Consumer Email List knowing these data, the representatives of Toluna have given way to a round table moderated by Javier Piedrahita , CEO & Founder of MarketingDirecto Consumer Email List Participating in it were Mónica Bravo , head of digital marketing for Adhesive Consumer Email List at AC Marca; Javier Sánchez , Marketing Director of Multiópticas; Lorena Poza , head of marketing and communication at Bizum; Esther Morell , Creative & Social Marketing Consumer Email List Manager at Samsung; and Ana Vázquez , brand director of Carrefour. The first to intervene was Esther, who Consumer Email List commented that " active listening helps us brands to be closer to the consumer Consumer Email List thanks to the knowledge of their complaints and opinions ", while adding the Consumer Email List constant need to create two-way communication. Something that Monica also recognizes, because “we are not listening to the total demand that we should.