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Meet Your Hosts

Welcome to Faithful Politics, where political aficionado and Democrat, Will Wright, and the spirited Pastor of River City Underground Church, Republican Josh Burtram, coalesce to form a dynamic platform for conversation. Our podcast focuses on a multitude of subjects, putting the spotlight on the most current happenings in the domains of politics and religion.

As a former Army veteran, Will brings a distinct perspective that is both engaging and informative, while Josh, leading the congregation in Richmond, Virginia, adds a flavor of faith and spirituality to our discussions. Together, we may not always find ourselves on common ground, but our commitment to learning from each other, our distinguished guests, and the discourse that unfolds is unwavering.

Our dialogues serve as a model for how discussions can evolve, even when perspectives diverge. We firmly believe in bipartisan interactions and upholding a grace-filled environment, regardless of the disagreements that may arise. This distinctive blend of viewpoints results in a vibrant dialogue and offers our audience a refreshing respite from the commonplace polarization we encounter today.

Join us in our journey of exploring diverse themes and challenging conventional thinking, as we aim to create a more understanding and inclusive community through our discussions.

Pastor Josh Burtram

Faithful Host / Republican

Josh Burtram was raised in a deeply religious household where Sundays and Wednesdays were dedicated to church and faith formed the bedrock of his upbringing. He and his four siblings were nurtured to love and follow Jesus, yet despite this devout rearing, Josh grappled with a complex internal struggle. On the surface, he fit the archetypal image of a pastor's kid— complete with a Bible, Christian attire, and participation in religious activities, yet internally, he was wrestling with feelings of anger, shame, sadness, and fear. He found himself in the throes of Christian identity but lacking a truly transformed heart.

At the age of 16, Josh experienced a profound turning point. He felt the call from God, prompting him to abandon his life of rebellion. This marked the beginning of a radical transformation— Josh was renewed, his heart filled with love for God and a passionate desire to guide others towards Christ. His life took a definitive direction during a high school mission trip to Mexico City in the summer of 2003, when he felt a divine call to ministry. Ever since, he has relentlessly pursued this calling, guiding him to his present path. In 2020, he joined Will Wright as a co-host for a podcast, kickstarting a thrilling and challenging journey of shared discourse. Josh describes this venture as a continual process of learning, stretching, and expanding his viewpoints, often into uncomfortable terrains. Despite the apprehension, he looks forward to further 'stretching' into the future, embracing the exhilarating challenge it brings.

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Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Jakayla Toney

Will Wright (He/Him)

Political Host / Democrat

Will Wright, a Los Angeles native with a deep-rooted passion for politics, had his early aspirations for public service curtailed by a discouraging childhood incident. However, his interest in the intricate interplay between politics and human behavior was rekindled during his college years. After witnessing the devastating collapse of the World Trade Center towers in 2001, he enlisted in the United States Army, subsequently becoming part of the initial incursion into Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Upon leaving the service, Will embarked on a global journey as a consultant, visiting various countries including Australia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This cross-cultural exposure profoundly shaped his worldview, driving him to establish a podcast that explores politics, faith, and their intertwined impact on society. A Democrat at heart, his political leanings nonetheless extend to include Libertarians and Republicans. He is a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, gun safety reform, accessible voting, and issues pertaining to national security, bipartisanship, and accountability. Through his podcast, Will aims to model how civil dialogue can effectively address and resolve societal issues.

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